Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Birth Of A New Song And Artist!!!

How interesting and funny how songs are born, even more strange how two people meet online and begin to write songs together about their relationship but need a vehicle to use and they find a beautiful voice like the one the new R&B artist Tamalaneh has and with her own life experiences together let the world hear how music is really born. Lo and behold by no coincidence comes together all the puzzle pieces to create a lasting impression and then use online distributional stores like ITunes, Amazon, Amie Street, Napster, Rhapsody just to name a few to sell the masterpieces that has come together.We welcome all to come and experience music in the making at and hopefully you all will love the ending results and become a fan and buy her single, I Still Cherish You and the CD when it comes out August 15, 2009. The bottom line is that her music is worth listening too and once you listen to it please dont leave without signing her guestbook and leaving a comment .